The IT Team

Who we are

Welcome to the heart of the AKB – our IT team! We are not only a group of technology enthusiasts, but also a community that sticks together beyond work.

Our close integration into all areas of AKB means that we interact with members from all departments and are a valuable part of the team.

Our tasks range from website development (front-end and back-end) to member account management. We are always looking to streamline and automate our current processes. In doing so, we welcome every new project idea with open arms.

We are passionate about technology and look forward to developing innovative solutions to continuously move AKB forward. Together, we are more than just a team – we are the driving force behind AKB, and our door is always open for new ideas!

Our Projects

Our projects usually are focused on bringing the IT infrastructure on a new level. Currently we are completing two major projects:

1. Finalizing our newly developed website 
Setting up a full new website can be a huge task. Its not only about building good looking layouts, but also creating a functional and secure back-end, which takes good care of our members data.

2. Fully automating the registration process
Automating processes is a standard IT task. Upon completion, our registration process will be fully automated, providing us with more time for strategic development.

You in the IT team

We are always looking for motivated students who are eager to improve their IT skills and bring the AKB on a new level. You don’t have to be IT expert when you join – but we will assure you will gather a lot of knew knowledge during your time on board. We are excited to meet you at our Kick Offs and hope to work together soon. So hurry up: Register and become part of our community!

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